Beermageddon (DEMO 2014)

by Beerslayer

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released February 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Beerslayer Landsberg Am Lech, Germany

Im Januar des Jahres 2010 und ein paar Bier später war der Gott des Bieres seine Gefolgsleute leid, da sie ihm sein ganzen Vorrat an Bier weggetrunken hatten. So warf er sie aus dem schaumigen Himmel des Bieres auf die trockene, mit Wodka und Wein verseuchte Welt, um die Bekehrung der Sekt-Sekten-Heiden zum Bierglauben voranzutreiben und die Welt in ein rechtes Bier zu rücken!

Beer is good
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Track Name: Death by Beer
Serenity comes to an end, and so does your life
No one steps between me and the bar, when I have arrived
Lethality rate reaches its max, call me the beerzerk
I take a sip of the liquid gold and I
lust for bloody bloody bottle work

Down you go, where you belong
Your dropping dead ends the argument
Down you go, where you belong
Disturb my pubcrawl? Now, this means fucking war!

Beer death
Death by beer
Beer death
Kamikaze flair!
Beer death
Death by beer
Beer death
This pub is Pearl harbeer’s heir! (I’ll go beerzerk in here!)

Misery of soberness belongs to the past
Now I’ve suddenly awaken my demonic part
Injuries will be dealt, call medics in advance
You ask politely “is this seat taken?”
I answer as I politely take your life!




Agony in your girl’s face as she sees you die
Breaking out in a cry, the whole bar will fight!
Calamity over this pub bursts out like a storm
As my thrown beers killed everyone,
the beerserk’s bloody bottle work is done!
Track Name: Cenosillicaphobia
The claws of void are scratching
My mind with my worst fear
Scarred I try to drown the emptiness
In a ocean of beer!

I never get drunk
I never hit bars
I avoid things of the void
Start spilling, start killing
Then I’m willing to destroy you

I’m always flooding
the glass is nodding
this dude pokes my fucking strains!
sweat dripping, body’s shaking:
a sucker for the remains!


When he’s giving me the cheer
Beerserkers rage is my worst fear


Chills down my spine
Frightened as hell
His drinking skills are a bad spell
Last sipping, fear tripping
Fires raging in my brain!

I need to stop him
He cannot do it
If I just cut his throat!
Knife flying, gullet severing
My glass catches the flow!
Track Name: Waves of Vomit
You had it coming with your challenges
Fucking me off in drinking games
So you wanna play with the threat
Putting your shots in the dragons mouth
You gonna feel instant regret
No more Mr. Slayer, no more Mr. Tough
Schnaps is filling my bowels and guts
Pushing all out, in vomit - thunderbolts!

I’ve got a mess to fight to
Gimme a beer or goat to
Prevent my guts from killing you
My Sickening is spilling through the

Waves of vomit
Passing my teeth
Waves of vomit
burying you deep in
Waves of vomit
Passing my teeth
Waves of vomit
Drowning you deep, six feet deep, deep beneath

If you wanna kill me, you gonna need something else
Like an arrow to the knee or evil spells
Skyrim must have taught you the right way to kill me
Death is the fee for your stupidity
My body’s shake makes the fucking earth quake
You should give me a beer for your own sake
But you don’t, it’s all your fault
Down you go in the undertow